The Mighty Mucks Story

The Mighty Mucks bass tournament has been running since 1990! It started as the Katchawano Old Timers Bass Tournament. Karl Irons originally organized the tournament with the help of Mel Lawrence and Al Cummins and other members of the Katchawano Old Timers hockey team. I (Gary Williams) joined the team shortly after and began assisting in the set up and organization of the tournament. In 1994 the Katchawano Old Timers where no longer interested in hosting the tournament so come 1995 Karl and myself along with brothers Ken, Mel and Leland Jacobs (who were involved with the Mighty Mucks Old Timers hockey team) decided to keep the tournament going. Circumstances including age, costs and liability issues surrounding hosting hockey tournaments led to the eventual retirement of the Mighty Mucks Old Timers team. But since that time some of the tournament proceeds have been used to assist local youth athletes in attending tournaments and assist students going on educational trips.

In more recent years donations have been made to the Lakefield Chiefs Junior Hockey Club and Ennismore Senior B Girls. We have also purchased two iPads for twin boys who have Fragile X to assist them with their therapy. We have also sponsored a young lady who went on an educational experience to Fiji to volunteer in their community.

Mighty Mucks Girls Hockey

Over the decades we have had many repeat bass tournament teams come to our tournaments because they really enjoy the experience. Most recently we have partnered with ECBAT series so that anglers that are fishing the ECBAT series can include points earned in the Mighty Mucks tournament.

In building on our successes and to make it more of an event than just a weigh-in, we now have live music (Crisis Kings) at the weigh-in BBQ. Everyone that comes to the weigh-ins (everyone is welcome) enjoy BBQ’d pulled pork, beverages and of course the music. So tell your family and friends to please come out and enjoy an afternoon of music, food and of course watch the weigh-in.

Karl & Gary