1. All boats must have aerated live wells
  2. Artificial Lures only. NO live bait. 
  3. Fishing waters are defined as all waters accessible by boat only. NO locking is permitted. No Trespassing on private property is permitted 
  4. Five fish limit per team 
  5. Size limit is 13 inches from the tip of the nose to V of tail. Fish less than 13 inches will be disqualified and a one pound penalty will be deducted from the total weight. 
  6. Approved floatation devices must be worn by all competitors while traveling at speeds greater than trolling speed 
  7. No alcoholic beverages, cannabis or illegal drugs may be consumed during tournament hours. 
  8. No fishing permitted within 100 feet of another competitor or 150 yards from MNR nets. 
  9. Teams weighing in dead fish will be penalized one pound from the total weight for each dead fish.
  10. Teams may bring in a dying fish at anytime during the day to be weighed and go back fishing without penalty. 
  11. All prizes advertised, except Big Fish, are based on 75 teams. Prizes will be pro- rated based on actual registrations. 
  12. In case of a tie a coin toss will decide who takes the higher place lower places will adjust accordingly. 
  13. Team standings are based on pure weight less penalties. 
  14. Teams must consist of 2 fisher-persons and one must be above the age of majority minors will need a waiver release signed by legal guardian. 
  15. Quinte and Simcoe blast off & weigh in times are 7:00 am – 4:00 pm teams 1 – 37; 7:30 – 4:30 pm for teams 38 – 75 (times may be subject to change)
  16. Mighty Mucks blast off & weigh in times are 7:00 am – 3:00 pm teams 1-40; 7:10 am – 3:10 pm teams 41-80; 7:20 am – 3:20 pm teams 81-120 (times may be subject to change)
  17. Late arrivals for weigh in will be penalized 1/2 a pound per minute. 
  18. Teams may be disqualified for any violation of tournament rules without a refund. 
  19. Entrants must have boats inspected for safety and fish keeping equipment and will receive their tags prior to blastoff. Tags must be returned at the weigh in. 
  20. It is the responsibility of the competitor to pay any launching or parking fees. 
  21. It is the responsibility of the competitors to know the rules. 
  22. At no time will more than five fish be allowed in the live well. 
  23. Electronic fish locating devices are permitted. 
  24. All decisions by the Rules committee are final. 
  25. Federal and Provincial fisheries and boating regulations must be strictly adhered to. 
  26. Protests may be filed following a $400.00 deposit evidence will need to be absolute.  Protest procedure will be developed and distributed prior to first event
  27. Point system is 1st place is awarded 100 points, 2nd place 95 points, 3rd place 90 points, 4th place 85 points, 5th place 80 points, 6th place and on subtract 1 point from the previous position.
  28. All participants may be subjected to a random lie detector test at any time. 
  29. Pre fishing will closed to any ECBAT /MMBT event at 6:00pm the day before any event.
  30. In the event of a breakdown of a boat you can get a tow from either a competitor or non competitor boat
  31. Fish can only be transferred by another competitors boats and MUST be kept in a separate Livewell. One team member must be stay with the fish that are going to be weighed.
  32. To reiterate competitors must know the rules tournament organizers # 705 768 2053 can be called in case of emergency or rule clarification.