1.  Team will consist of 2 anglers per boat. One must be above the age of majority and minors will need a signed waiver. You may fish one event with an alternate team member. To allow for a team to fish where a member may  be unable to attend and to deter team member composition cherry picking lakes. 
2. ECBAT has full authority to deny entry to ANY angler/team should ECBAT feel it is best for the organization and anglers.
3. Anytime during the tournament should you need clarification on a rule or a special circumstance please feel free to call or text the acting tournament director. Series organizer is Gary 705-768-2053
4. Your boat must be insured and have Minimum $1,000,000 liability coverage.
5. No pre-fishing after 6:00 pm the day before the start of any tournament.
6. Fishing waters are defined as all waters accessible by boat only. NO locking is permitted. No Trespassing on private property is permitted.
7. No fishing permitted within 100 feet of another competitor or 150 yards from MNR nets. 
8. Entrants are responsible for their own launch fees. 
9. Every competitor MUST sign a waiver to compete in ECBAT events! Failure to insure a waiver has been signed releases ECBAT from any damages, and automatically disqualifies the Team.


Register online at the website. Once you register you will receive an email with payment instructions. Please note you may have to watch your junk/SPAM inbox. If using your work e-mail account your employers SPAM filter may stop delivery. We don’t recommend using your work email account.

1. Registrants who are currently on the blastoff list must be paid in full by Monday midnight (12:00am) before the event to hold their blastoff position. If not your deposit will be lost. Only email correspondences in regards to any exceptions need to be addressed to 
2. Registrations and payment will be accepted until the day of and will be added to the blast off list in order of payment received.


1. All anglers must wear approved life jackets while main motor is running and boat moving.
2. Federal and Provincial fisheries and boating regulations must be strictly adhered to. 
3. A livewell is mandatory and must comply with the MNR Catch and Release Rules. Coolers as live wells may be permitted if equipped with an aerator approved by tournament officials (however forecasted temperature will determine if coolers are allowed).
4. In hotter temperatures ice will be required and will be part of boat check.
5. Approved floatation devices must be worn by all competitors while engine is running and boat is moving.
6. In the event of bad weather, tournament hours may be altered. For example If bad weather is forecast midway through day participants may call tournament organizer to suggest calling off fishing for the day. Number of teams that would warrant cancelling fishing for the day will be determined based on number of entries. Other factors will be considered and their impact on the weigh in or if event is rescheduled.


1. All teams Must be on site no later than 30 minutes prior to their scheduled flight.
2.  Blastoff off & weigh in times are (times may be subject to change):
TEAMS 1 – 30 = 7:00 am – 3:00 pm
TEAMS 31 – 60 = 7:15– 3:15pm
TEAMS 61-90 = 7:30 – 3:30pm
3. Late arrivals for weigh in will be penalized 1/2 a pound per minute. 
4. Boats may be moved into an earlier flight if tournament director cuts down the number of flights.
5. The last flight out may be added into the flight ahead of them. Teams will be contacted in advance if this change is made.


  1. Fish must be 13 inches from tip of head to V of tail
  2. All ECBAT events are 5 fish
  3. You are only allowed 5 fish in your livewell at anytime
  4. There will be a 1lb penalty for each dead fish
  5. Fish will be checked by the Marshall prior to being weighed
  6. Fish in distress can be weighed anytime during the day. To do so call 705-768-2053 prior to bringing the fish to the weigh in location


1. Prizes shall be awarded on a pure weight basis, minus penalties. All prizes are awarded as team prizes. 
2. All advertised prize values, except Big Fish, are based on 60 teams. Prizes will be pro- rated based on actual registrations.
3. In the event of a tie, the prize money will be pooled together with the tying position and split equally.
4. All sponsor prizes will be organized by ECBAT organizers and/or participant as required.
5. Teams Of Year prize will be awarded to the Team with the highest total points for 6 events. $7,000.00 cash prize will be given following day 2 of the Tri Lakes 2 event. In event of a tie, winner will be decided by total weight of big fish for the season. See Team Of Year page for point breakdown.
6. All contest/awards/draws “free events” are non transferable and hold no cash value.


1. ECBAT has a ZERO TOLERANCE rule for any form of altercations on site. Please walk away and bring any issues to a staff member to deal with the issue. Failure to do so will lead in automatic disqualification and suspension of ALL teams involved. Length of suspension will be at the discretion of tournament organizers.
2. Protests may be filed following a $400.00 deposit evidence will need to be absolute.  Protest procedure A) call or talk to tournament organizer discuss situation. B)decide to proceed with protest. C)Organizer may assemble ad hoc group to assist in reviewing info. D) determine penalty which may include involving enforcement authorities, disqualification from tournament and suspension from other ECBAT events.
3. Any angler or team that costs ECBAT monetary penalties, such as bounced cheques, fines charged to the series from angler negligence, lawsuits, will be required to pay damages ECBAT suffered before returning to any ECBAT events.
4. Should any team win 3 events in one season, ECBAT will automatically place a marshal with that team for the next event that team fishes in.
5. A polygraph may be administered at anytime without question. Refusal to take the polygraph will result in automatic disqualification, loss of entry, and suspension of future ECBAT events.


1. In the event of a breakdown of a boat you can get a tow from either a competitor or non competitor boat.
2. Fish can only be transferred by another competitors boats and MUST be kept in a separate livewell. One team member must stay with the fish that are going to be weighed.
3. To reiterate competitors must know the rules and can call the tournament organizer 705-768-2053 in case of emergency or rule clarification.
4. ALL communication between Anglers and Organization MUST be done via email ( ). ECBAT will not be responsible for missed texts, Facebook or Instagram questions/submission.


Point system is 1st place is awarded 100 points, 2nd place 95 points, 3rd place 90 points, 4th place 85 points, 5th place 80 points, 6th place and on subtract 1 point from the previous position.


  1. The top 30 teams with the most points for six (6) out of the 7 (seven) events will qualify for the classic.  It is not mandatory to fish 7 events.
  2. Classic prize will be $10,000.
  3. Entry fee will be $150.
  4. Prize money will be paid to 5 th place.
  5. Championship Belts will be awarded .
  6. Day 1 of classic will be on Rice Lake out of Golden Beach. Day 2 of classic will be on Tri Lakes out of Curve Lake, Cedar Bay .